the moving castle room 1-2-3

An enchantend room where the ceiling has disappeared, a room without walls and endless spaces for wonderful stories…


Three journey between fantasy and reality, now inside the Castle’s Museum.

The videoart show is developed in three episodes, which have transform the Castle’s walls in a mirror populated with fantastic beasts and imaginary castles whith large architectural screening. From this experience borns a permanent art installation: the Moving Castle’s Room, placed in the Marquis’ Palace, it enrich the tour of the Multimedial Museum.

The Moving Castle Room is an artistic installation and a constantly evolving project dedicated to our present culture’s social imaginary in which the Middle Ages’Castles have a prominent place.

It is a treasure chest revealing through sound and three-dimensional images a sensational voyage full of fantastic creatures and imaginary castles.


The Moving Castle Room is produced by Delumen, enterprise of ideas by Angelo Santimone e Raoul Battilani, creators of many project incuding “The Trip” inside Auditorium Enzo Ferrari.

Intervention supported by Regione Emilia-Romagna in the scope of Piani museali 2016-18 and by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena.


Recommended visit for families with children and teenagers


For you trailers of the three episondes onf the Moving Castle, a little anticipation of the marvellous show waiting for you at Formigine’s Castle.


Moving Castle I

A trip without borders between natural and supernatural, down here and beyond, real and imaginary. An enchanted trip inside and around our castles lived, loved and dreamed.



Moving Castle II

Stories about princess and knights, passions and wars, magics and enchantment told trough immages and sound.



Moving Castle III – The dark side of the castle

Imaginary eighties places are an interpretation keys of conteporary… Because when you imagine the future you take inspiration from the past.




Free initiative can be visited during the opening hours


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