The “Ceramicland – Terra Maestra” tour has been organized by the local administrations of the Ceramic District in collaboration with Confindustria Ceramica. This tour is dedicated not only to all the Expo visitors but also to those who want to discover our territory from an innovative point of view.

The suggested itineraries bring the visitors in the hilly areas between the territory of Modena and Reggio Emilia and give them the possibility to discover not only the natural and historical sites of the area but also the creative energy which made this area an international reference point as far as the sectors of motors and ceramics are concerned.

These tours include 10 stops dedicated to the “smart manufacture” (ceramic, design, research), 6 areas dedicated to the pleasure fine living (golf & country club, thermal baths, wine and food) and 10 cultural destinations (castles, palaces, museums).
For further information:
MODENATUR Incoming Tour Operator & DMC

Via Scudari 10 41121 Modena (Italy)

tel. + 39 059 220022 info@modenatour.it


SNACK TRAVEL Agenzia viaggi – Incoming Tour Operator

Piazza Garibaldi 35 41013 Castelfranco Emilia Modena (Italy)

tel. +39 059 927876 incoming@snacktravel.it



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