The castle museum

A pluri-secular castle, a territory and a community, a collection of archaeological findings, an architectural renovation and a great scientific heritage. Thes are the ingredients of the narrative of the Formigine Castle written by Studio Azzurro, an arts research group on international level, under the scientific direction of the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.

The Castle’s archaelogical Museum is yet another milestone of the activity Studio Azzurro has been perfoming for almost thirty years, investigating the artistic and expressive potential of technological civilizations.

Studio Azzurro’s work tries to conjure what historian Franco Cardini defined as “the gentle ghost of good popularization”, informing while entertaining. This creates a direct link betwen scientific research and what people prefer and are curious about.

And that direct link is made, in Studio Azzurro’s own way, through the liquid language of multimedia technology, in a natural and understated way. This helps adding imagination to the scientificness of data.

A pot finds the hands that fomed it, used it and shattered it. Rooms reveal the faces and the actions of those who have passed through them. The bare earth renews the medieval rite of burial. What comes out is great picture that connects sensibly all the architecture, the objects, the immaterial contents and the visitors in a unique experience, just like a work of art.

The museum is conceived in such a way that it is a truly extraordinary place where the cultural heritage of a community is kept, interpreted and passed on from one generation to the other, countering the amnesia of places and humankind and the ever so rapid changing of time and space.

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