Illustrious travellers


Famous writers, artists, scientists and philosophers have paid a visit to Formigine, leaving a recollection, a trace, a thought, a picture, a sign of their passage, a memory-bite to share and experience over time…


…Milena Agus, Niccolò Ammaniti, Corrado Augias, Pupi Avati, Andrea Bajani,
Roberto Barbolini, Francesca Barra, Stefano Bartezzaghi, Franco Bertolani, Enzo
Bianchi, Andrea Biavardi, Michelina Borsari, Rossana Casale, Aldo Cazzullo, Antonio Caprarica, Tony Contartese, Serena Dandini, Enzo Decaro, Erri De Luca, Marco Dieci, Francesco Maria Feltri, Stefano Feltri, Paolo Franchini, Frankie HI-NRG, Umberto Galimberti, Don Andrea Gallo, Chiara Gamberale, Roberto Gatto, Franco Guerzoni, Guido Harari, Carlo Lucarelli, Vito Mancuso, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Loris Mazzetti, Raul Montanari, Edoardo Nesi, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Luigi Ottani, Alessandro Plateroti, Giuseppe Pederiali,Francesco Piccolo, Don Federico Pigoni, Susanna Raule, Danilo Rea, Emilio Rentocchini, David Riondino, Stefania Rossini, Sauro Roveda, Giulio Santagata, Marco Santagata, Tiziano Scarpa, Giuliana Sgrena, Claudio Silingardi, Walter Siti, Spira Mirabilis, Studio Azzurro, Daniela Tazzioli, Gek Tessaro, Giovanni Tizian, Bruno Tognolini, Emanuele Trevi, Vincenzo Vandelli, Dario Vergassola, Pier Luigi Vigna, Francesco Zarzana, Laura Zuccheri…


29 September 2007

The Formigine Castle is ready to open its doors again. The important architectural renovation has disclosed its origins and its unknown features and offers new perspectives and unexpected views.

This is the day of the opening cerimony. Nobel prize for literature Dario Fo is about to stage Mistero buffo in the inner park of the Castle. But all of sudden, just moments before his performance, he ask for paint and brushes: he wants to leave his own personal dedication to the Castle. And there he goes, painting on the windowpane of the hall of the arches. Colourful flowers and his signature are the souvenirs of his journey here. Thank you, Dario!

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