Settembre formiginese, 48th edition

The Settembre Formiginese, even for this edition, is presented not only as a month of fun and celebration, but as a real showcase for our entire community.


A program full of events organized in collaboration with voluntary and sports associations (which will have as usual a weekend dedicated to them), traders, companies, parishes, hamlets, which will address not only people of all ages, but they will be able to call in visitors even from outside the province. It is difficult, for example, to imagine that the guaranteed appointment with Il Picchio Rosso, inspired by the fifty years of the Woodstock concert, but above all the stop of the Planet Funk tour, a group that has made the recent history of alternative dance music, scheduled on August 31, do not attract many people.


A schedule made up of many new features, but also appreciated confirmations, such as the Idea festival which, once again, will bring important guests to the Castle to talk about the topics of current events, or the second edition of the Gente di Sport festival, which on September 15 will feature an evening dedicated to the protagonists of the Paralympic disciplines.


A month where people from Formigine will not be called to be only spectators, but to be actively involved in the events, as for the plogging appointments, a new type of physical activity that combines sport and environment, within the Formigine Extrapulita projects.


To make the difference, once again, however, will be the people, the true added value of each community, like the young people who will be rewarded with the scholarships named after Fosco Marian, or as the many people who decide, every year, to dedicate some of their time to the community: inspired by them, we have decided to name a street in our city after Aurora Fornaciari, an unforgettable doctor and volunteer.


September is a month for celebration, but also for thinking, a month for meeting, but also for relaxation. In short a month for making the most of our community.


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