A living monument

The Castle is the heart of Formigine’s territory. It is the icon of the community, the main venue of the collective memory, and it is also the town’s salon with numerous possibilities of enjoyment. The Tourist Information Point is aimed at welcoming visitors and is provided with a bookshop, where you may find information on the monument and on tourist itineraries in the province, in the district and in the Castles of Modena network, linking 17 fortified buildings.

Inside the Castle, a restaurant and a wine-bar make the whole experience even more enjoyable. Here you may taste the local food specialties.

While it used house the Town Council, the stronghold still holds an institutional role:  the Town Hall and the wedding hall are situated at the first floor, whereas the North-East tower accomodates the official meetings room. The prestigious halls of the Castle are rentable for meetings, convention and events.

Being at the very heart of its territory, the Castle is also an important cultural centre for the town, hosting every year a great number of musical and theatrical events, meet the author sessions, guided tours and historical reenactments.

The Castle is also home to the Multimedia Archaeological Museum which stages the historical events through the installations of Studio Azzurro, a well-know art research lab in Milan.

Finally, the park is both an oasis right in the middle of the town and a great meeting point where events can be held.




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